Single Family Investing

Single Family Homes
A single-family detached home is a free-standing residential building in contrast to a multi-family residential property. 

Single Family Homes - Investment Grade Properties - Single Family Investment Strategies
Investing in Single Family Homes
A 3 bedroom, 2 bath home priced under $125,0000 is considered by many investors as investment grade property due to the probability of positive monthly cash flow from rental income after paying out monthly expenses such as principal, interest, taxes and insurance. In addition to monthly cashflow, there is a steady demand for 3 bedroom 2 bath homes for rent even during economic down times.

Single Family Investment Strategies
Strategies for investing in single family investment properties include buying distressed properties at prices below market value including foreclosures and properties in need of repair, lease options and owner financing. After buying at prices below market value, the investor can rent, refinance or resale for rental income, appreciation, capital gains and tax deductions. 

Single Family Investing Services

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